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    MAX VMG was originally founded by Ocean Racing Skipper Mark Denton in 2001. Having just completed the BT Global Challenge achieving a podium finish with a diverse amateur team, he recognised that much of what they had learnt about performing on the water in a highly competitive and volatile environment was directly applicable to leading organisations in the volatile and uncertain 21st century.

    VMG stands for Velocity Made Good, a term used in sailing navigation that is concerned with how much of your velocity (speed) is heading towards your destination, as it’s often not possible to point directly at the mark due to the wind direction. To maximise it you have to make sure you’re strategically on the right ‘tack’, selecting the right sails for the conditions, sailing the optimum wind angle, ensuring the team is fully focussed on accurate steering and trimming of the sails whilst looking up the track for what’s changing. And that’s what we do for Organisations, Teams and Leaders. We maximise their performance towards their destination hence the name MAX VMG.

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