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    Leading in organisations has never been more challenging due to the dynamic environment and changing demands of employees. It’s not enough just to lead - we have to do it with courage. Courage to think deeper about the challenges we face. Courage to put the wellbeing and development of our people on a par with delivering performance. Courage to challenge convention, carve new pathways and influence in the face of change. Courage to challenge ourselves and those we lead to deliver, when old ways no longer hit the target.


    • Deep and considered thinking. So rare in today’s frenetic world, the symptoms of which are the cause of so many of the issues we face. Think is all about how to break the cycle and do it effectively, making the right decisions and doing that with confidence. From researching and analysing the factors at play to prioritising and planning what to do about it. Balancing the risk and benefit of different responses, and working out the most efficient way to implement them. Setting boundaries and allocating tasks. Evaluating the progress to ensure you stay on track and being open to learn from the experience. It’s all about effective use of the head.


    • Care. You just can’t lead effectively without it, because Leadership is a people game. So we have to fully leverage ours and others’ hearts to bring out the best in us and those we lead.
      The Care part of the model is centred around really understanding your own style and the impact that has on others, as well as being fully tuned in to what your people need from you in order that they develop and grow. This requires the ability to actively listen in order to diagnose development needs. Then it’s down to our ability to coach them with skill so they can understand how to help themselves get the results that they need with competence, confidence and skill.


    • Invigorate is about bringing energy and movement into our leadership by using our hands to make connections, shake things up, and galvanise people towards a brighter future. So it’s about being visionary, collaborating, being creative, facilitating ideas and innovating. That means we must be up for taking some risks and experimenting, which requires us to be adaptable and flexible in order to find out which new path is the best. And lastly it’s about making the journey fun, celebrating each milestone and providing the encouragement to keep motivation high.


    • Deliver is about being decisive and using our feet with purpose to get on the ‘front foot’ in pursuit of bold targets. And doing that with courage, confidence, determination and resilience, as whenever we are pushing the boundaries there will undoubtedly be some pot-holes in the road to traverse. There will also be opportunities to embrace and taking advantage of these will be a priority. It’s also about holding others to account to do the same, and doing all we can to clear the way for them and get there in the most efficient manner.

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