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  • Compelling Purpose

    Be clear on why the organisation exists, where you want to be over time, and what strategically has to be in place to succeed. These combined forms a powerful statement of intent that becomes a filter for decision making, action and behaviour.


    • Why do you exist? One of the most fundamental questions to ask and the starting point for any development programme. It’s all too easy to get lost in the belief that we as an organisation are just here to create value for us and our stakeholders as opposed to our customer. Getting clear on an organisations purpose in the world in relation to their customers’ needs allows us to focus on what really matters to ensure sustainable success.


    • With a clear Purpose in mind, we can then start to think about where we want to be realistically against this over time to form your Vision. The scope, how much, how far reaching, what timeframe? What would the key performance indicators look like? It can be about optimising what you already have, or creating something new depending on its suitability. Vision statements created well give a motivating focus for everyone to strive for. Keeping them stretching but realistic is the key. Vision’s should never be static and regular review is always required to keep them fresh.


    • With a clear Purpose and Vision identified (the ‘what’), we then identify the ‘how’ in terms of strategy needed to realise this. This is done by identifying the key strategic imperatives that must be in place in order to be successful. Once these are clear, an assessment takes place to establish the organisations current state in relation to these to identify what needs to start, continue or stop in order to bring this into reality.

    A 360 Approach to organisational development

    Our toolset is comprehensive, world class and covers performance assessments, personality and leadership profiling, coaching and transition effectiveness maps.

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